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Wilderness First Aid for Mountain Bikers, hosted by Backcountry Medical Guides

From 04/27/2024 -  9:00 pm
To 04/28/2024 -  5:00 pm
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Ride the world class trails of Galbraith Mountain while learning preventative and emergency first aid management skills adapted specifically for mountain bikers. Join us in beautiful Bellingham, Washington.

Prepare for your next adventure. Our Wilderness Medicine For Mountain Bikers course covers the essentials of wilderness and emergency medicine, tailored to injuries and scenarios most common in mountain biking. You’ll spend a combined 13 hours on-trail for skills and scenario training, with 4-6 hours of self-paced precourse work issued 4 weeks prior to the course. Practice treating life threats, stabilizing injuries, and evaluating and managing medical and environmental hardships. Ages 14+



Curriculum & Objectives:

  • Manage risk through pre-trip planning and preventative techniques: communications, first aid kits, sports nutrition and hydration, rider and equipment checklists, trip itineraries.
  • Assess and treat life threatening emergencies: airway management, hemorrhage control, CPR, shock, and stabilization.
  • Practice common trauma techniques: wound and fracture management, head injuries, neck and spine injury, blunt trauma, burns, dental and eye trauma.
  • Develop important judgment skills for the assessment and evacuation of medical and environmental emergencies in the backcountry: heat and cold emergencies, animal bites and stings, lightning and adverse weather, search and rescue basics, cardiac and respiratory emergencies, diabetes, seizures, anaphylaxis.


Learn More & Register Here: https://www.backcountrymedicalguides.org/mountain-bike-courses/bellingham