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Thursday Grand Ridge Hot Lap

11/02/2023,  5:45 pm -  7:15 pm
Cascades to Sound
Registration is closed

RIDE IS CANCELLED.  A BIG GUST OF WIND JUST HIT US HERE IN DOWNTOWN ISSY, KNOCKING OVER SEVERAL GARBAGE CANS.  Grand Ridge could be dangerous with our recent rains and the forecast for continued wind. Change for this week - forecast says rain.  Check back here by 3pm to see if I cancel the ride due to heavy rain which can make the trails less safe along with darkness - just can't be sure you all get back safely!  No regrouping at the bottom/end of the ride, just go back to parking lot and get in your cars, preferably with a buddy from the group.  If you're new, please give me your contact info at beginning of ride so I can be sure you make it back safely! We will not be regrouping due to cold and wet.  BRING LIGHTS. Plan is to warm-up from Sunset parking lot to start of the trail.  Once we hit the bottom of the trail, regroup, review route, then go.  Doesn't matter what order we start, can practice passing and getting passed.  No regrouping on hills.  Some may be left behind as weather gets colder and rainier.  Questions?  Hit me up.  Meeting at the East Sunset Way parking lot in Issaquah and heading up Coal Mine trailhead (first entrance of Grand Ridge trail), adding lower section (not most direct) Tower Loop clockwise, and down East Fork. Location: Parking lot-661-831 E Sunset Way, Issaquah, WA 98027).  Leaving promptly at 5:45.  Please arrive a few minutes early to gear-up and meet/greet. ALL ARE WELCOME just know this is go-your-own-pace and no waiting