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Crank Sisters Ride in Montesano

07/31/2023, 12:00 pm
Katherine Meyer
Cascades to Sound, Southwest, West Sound
Registration is closed

Hello Riders!

My friend & I are heading to Grays Harbor on Monday & stopping to ride & explore Montesano City Forest. We'll probably be in the area in late morning or midday. We recently rode a loop in the Greens & Blues from Lake Sylvia out Southside, Simpson, Drop-Down & back on Nevills Hill and Dam Trail (HA! And Molly's Trail was a slog as it was TOTALLY overgrown!).

This time we'd like to explore some of the trails on the other side, probably 1.5-2+ hours, likely mostly on the Blue trails. Please sign up & join if you can! RSVP for the ride below & text me so we can connect & make a ride plan.

Before you RSVP for this ride, please sign the waiver (new waiver each calendar year) at https//.www.evergreenmtb.org/my/waiver: Right click and click open in new window. This waiver needs to be signed once a year. When you click the link, it will tell you whether you have signed this year. If not, it will give you a link to sign it.


Ride leader contact info

Katherine Meyer (two-oh-six) 849-7699; feel free to reach out with questions

Crank Sisters have a no-drop policy with adjusting for rider pace and stops for regrouping