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Sweep Series : Tiger

05/07/2023,  8:30 am
Work Parties
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It's spring and the snow is (mostly) melted! Time to get our trails swept and corridors brushed up for the season. We are organizing a sweep day, starting with an initial clean on up to two trails. This work party is limited to 20 people including the four leaders, to keep things nimble. We are looking for people who can commit all day and we hope to be done by mid to later afteroon so that we can ride after.
The technique: We will drop off team(s) at the top of the chosen trail(s) and work our way down in unison to clear corridor, drains and sweep/blow tread. We don't plan to stop for any major tread work or feature fixes.
What to bring: Whatever clothes, work gloves, and shoes you like to do trail work in.  Eye safety, ear plugs, and First Aid kits are always a good idea. Pack your lunch/ calories, water, (we are not stopping for lunch. Bring your bike, and riding gear for after we're done.  If you have a favorite trail tool, bring it, and we will be providing tools : loppers, rakes, leaf rakes, combis, hand saws. 
Don't bring: 
- Chainsaws- This event is run by folks from Evergreen Sawyer Crew and they'll have all the saws we need, or don't need. This is not a sawing specific event.
- We love dogs, but are asking you to check with our organizers (xvo@evergreenmbt.org) before bringing your dog. 
The commitment is to show up in the morning at the lower Tiger gate (lower Tiger lot next to Hwy 18), ready to go at 8:30am .  End time is when we are done, so it depends on how quickly we work through, estimated to be sometime in mid to late afternoon. We plan on grilling food at the end of the day and will provide the food.  
We may need to adjust the number of folks at this party, so please watch for your final instructions email prior to the weekend.
Please email xvo@evergreenmtb.org with questions. 

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