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Ladies Race Prep Shakedown Ride #1: NOTG/EBAD

03/29/2023,  3:00 pm
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Race season is coming up! Looking at you, advanced Sturdy Dirty gals (Expert/Pro riders).


This group ride will be the first in a series of rides aimed at race prep for advanced riders (those in Expert and Pro categories). We will stop to session interesting features and try new lines, and there will be some fun paper plate awards and prizes at the end.


Future rides in this series will include trails like Predator, Physical Therapy (mainline), Invictus, and Low Key (for the gals down south). We’ll spend extra time sending it on the tough features in a fun and relaxed environment, so they’re less stressful during the race.


Race-curious and non-racers wishing to send it on these tough features are welcome also - although you will have to tolerate us as we geek out over line choice.


Inclusive of female-identifying, women, trans, femme, and non-binary+.

We’ll meet in the Tiger upper lot at 3:00pm, chat at 3:15pm, and roll out at 3:30pm.