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Tieton River Trail


Key Info

1 of 5 (technical difficulty)
2 of 5 (physical difficulty)
SE Washington


8 miles total
400' elevation gain
100% single track
46.7262 lat.
-121.8114 long.


The Tieton River trail is a great 8mi XC OAB. The trail parrallels the tieton river through an oak forest with views of surrounding basalt rock formations. The end of the trail ascends away from the river up to a vista overlooking the tieton river valley. The trail contiues beyond this but enters private property, please don't continue into the private property without permission.

This is a great ride for both beginners and experts with amazing scenery, and easy access.

Like all rides east of the crest the weather can get pretty hot and dry in the summer so plan accoridingly. The trail remains snow free for most of the year but can get a little soft, please be concious of the trail conditions to make sure your not doing any damage.