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From the first trailhead, Hickman's Cabin, a moss-covered shelter offers a glimpse of the past. Fires periodically swept through the Siouxon area for 30 years after the Yacolt Burn of 1902. Hickman's Cabin, built in the 1930's, served as a base camp for fire prevention forestry workers. Cross-cut saws were sharpened and stored inside, while workers stayed in tents. Crews of sawyers cut down many highly flammable dead trees to create a fire break. Much of the downed timber is still visible today. From the trailhead at the end of Forest Road 5701 delightful waterfalls await the trail visitor.

Some people shuttle this ride for the downhill while others park at various trailheads and entry points and ride this as a combination of a loop and an out-and-back.

From the trailhead at the end of 5701, ride the 3 miles road section back to the horse off loading area that is on the tight corner with the wide parking spots and hitching rails and look for the trail signage. This part of Siouxon is a pretty sweet downhill. Others prefer to park at the horse hitching rails to start their ride which means finishing with the trail or road climb but it does save the drive time to the end of 5701 and back.

From the main trailhead at the end of 5701, most do Siouxon Trail along Siouxon Creek as an out-and-back, turning around at Chinook Falls. For a significant challenge, the Huffman Peak trail can be added but requires a wading crossing of Siouxon Creek. Huffman will turn the Grunt Factor up to about 5.

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