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I'm Back, and with a New Weapon

06 | Mar | '23

Last week I went to visit some friends down in Bend, and a cousin near Portland. I was going to pull the trigger in June for an Ebike, but since Specialized had the 25% off sale, I bought a new one while in Portland. After riding my Stumpjumper for 8 years, I will be riding a Turbo Levo Comp Carbon. I took it to Darrington this morning and stayed low at the Skills Park since we had all the snow and cold. I also started slow to test my bad hand after the last ride and crash. With the acoustic bike, I'd come and do 4-6 runs down. With the 50% snow coverage and the Levo, I was able to do Logger 5 times, High Grade 4 times and finished with two more on the Hooktender variants in the same amount of time. I also cleared a rotten, wind blown, tree from the High Lead climb. The only hassle today was 2 High Lead switchbacks covered with slush that finally were ridable after my 11 climbs. The bike is wonderful and a great addition to my adventure toolbox. I can't wait for all the snow to melt and go higher than the 2000' limit we got now. GPS track and pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 03/06/2023