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Couple of Ruts and Loose Rock = More Tech

05 | Oct | '22

Left the Butte Trailhead at 7:30 this morning and caught the sun coming up and over the ridge during the climb.

SunriseOct2022I got to the Summit about two hours later and chatted with a County PUD tower crew at the Summit for a little bit before I began my descent. The trail was a little loose in spots and there were rocks in places but that just added to the technical difficulty which was what I needed today. When the rock would get too much, you could get just off the trail a little bit with plenty of room for traction.

Butte Oct2022

Smoke was there but not enough to smell it yet. It was a fun run down. No gps data this time since I damaged my good phone.

Submitted by tomvale on 10/05/2022