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Last Weekend 2022

30 | Sep | '22

It was another great experience on the trails today but the sharp rocks got through my back tire (old MAXXIS MINION DHR)  three times today creating three flats to fix. I did get thirteen runs in between BermyLoamax/MidMountain/Wapiti, and Lost and Found and still had a great time. One Bermy video is uploaded here. I did go OTB once on a Lost and Found run and the bike landed on my thigh and really bent my iPhone in my pant pocket! No injury thank goodness but today was a pricy day. "Life is Messy" is a saying I use a lot and today reinterated it loud and clear! However, there are risks, you accept them, and for me..... I'll be back next year! Hope you got up there at least once this Summer! GPS Track and pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 10/01/2022