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Fresh Powder at the End of Summer?

02 | Sep | '22

I never thought I'd be able to say that about Snoqualmie Pass in all my years of recreation up there, but with the addition of the new Mountain Bike Park, the context has changed. The new trails completed were wonderful but will be very loose until the moisture comes again. The soils have been baking where exposed to the sun.

I got to the lodge really early after a good breakfast at the Summit Pancake House and rode around the base area to see the changes and new developments going on this Summer. Today the ticket booth opened about a half hour earlier than opening time and my barcode ticket was provided for manual scanning in line. There was a delay in lift loading since chair spacing issues were being fixed but we finally were let on 15 minutes after opening.

I started with a run on Green Party to warm up and the front slid out once while testing the traction. After that, I took Bermy Lomax, Wapiti, Mid-Mtn Connector combos to enjoy the low level technical stuff. I got my first flat on Bermy Lomax, fixed it, then got a second one half way to the lodge from there. I fixed that down at the base and that lasted a couple runs and got a third one on Mid-Mtn and a fourth one at the bottom of my second ride on Lost and Found to end my day of tire frustration. I didn't get nearly enough chair rides today (7) but I will be back to enjoy early Fall until they close for their transition to Winter operations. The Lost and Found trail was a lot of fun and more moisture will make it even better. GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 09/03/2022