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Kudos on the Festival!

Started a wonderful, early, morning driving around from Everett in no traffic to get to the Port Gamble Heritage Park and all of the park’s  new trail assets. I got there at 8am and talked to Joe at LoLo racks and then started riding trails before the crowds developed and more patience would be required. The venue is very well suited for a fair or festival. Too bad it isn’t closer to the full market that vendors are targeting. I enjoyed the trail system for the first time and have much more to sample. I really enjoyed the Lynx, Hood, and Ranger trails. The Hood reminds me of the Orion trail at Japanese Gulch, and Flowtron at East Tokul with their half-pipe-like snakes. I also explored a couple trails not mapped yet and can’t wait for their completion. Since Port Gamble doesn’t have a high viewpoint, the park won’t become one of my favorites like Tiger, Darrington, Olallie, or Raging River. Kudos to Evergreen for providing the Peninsula a trail system with a lot of variety with the topography they had available. We’ll done! GPS track and pictures are here.

An additional bonus was stopping at the Silver City Ale House in Silverdale for my lunch and “refueling”.  I love their Ridgetop Red and their Magnificent Scotch Ale!

Submitted by tomvale on 06/19/2022