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Nice dry, winter ride

18 | Dec | '14

Fun and accessable for all skill levels, 360 Park provides a nice compliment to Banner and Port Gamble Trails on the Kitsap Peninsula. Since the park it built on a hill and the soil has a sandy consistency, the trails stay dry even in the winter months when everything else is wet, sloppy, and muddy (here's looking at you Banner Forest). The mountain bike only, one-way trails are a lot of fun and prove to be a good workout. I typically ride directly to them by riding straight up the forest road then, when the road turns left at the top, I use the trail that heads diagonally toward the golf course to reach the MTB trails. You'll know you've reached the MTB trail when you see the small log and stone crossing at the enteryway. This is really only one long trail that can be shortened by going left after the first switchback climb. Going right after this climb provides a fun DH jump section, but after you reach the bottom, the trail has a few steep climbs. I typically go left to avoid the climbs. The remainder of the trail has a good variety of terrain, with berms and flow, table jumps, optional wooden drops, pump sections, climbs and a fairly steep descent at the end.  Thanks to those who put the effort in to provide these trails! A Maprika screencap of my preferred route is attached to this ride report.

Submitted by Scott-XT on 12/31/2014