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Up, Down, Up and West

20 | Jun | '21

While spending the weekend here to visit dad, I took off early to climb the Butte and descend most of the trail.  It has quite a bit of rock in the trail now causing a much more cautious speed to avoid a major fail. The brakes were hot but the ride down was beautiful today in the sun. I deviated near the bottom heading west on the winter traverse double track back to the Butte road and climbed up again to head into the Chelan Wildlife Refuge Area (go right at 2800'). This double track goes all the way to the Columbia or continues west to Highway 97A, which was my plan.

ChelanButteHwyIso It was quiet back there and I saw two owls fly over me before I got closer to the Highway. Once on the Highway, there was adequate shoulder for safety and I made it into Chelan to finish the trip.  GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 06/20/2021