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Nice winter loop run and the Reach

16 | Jan | '21

Left home in Everett just after 5am to get an early morning ride in at Chelan Butte while the weather and Passes were all clear! It was an enjoyable morning watching the sunrise while driving east and then parking at the Chelan Reach trailhead and got everything ready. It was 30 degrees out and I started with thin wind pants over shorts and my fleece jacket until the climb got me warm. I climbed the Chelan Butte Road to just where the pavement stops and the next left is where the winter loop traverse begins. There were a couple ATV tracks to ride on which made it easy to pedal with minimal slipping but there was one grade that was a bit too steep for the tires so it was walked a little. It was a beautiful day and the downhill went well but just a little slower due to hidden obstructions in the snow and some melt/freeze patches.  I also took the Chelan Reach trail out and back to pass a little more time and went to visit family.  GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 01/16/2021