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Around, Up, Over and Down!

07 | May | '20

Went back to Chelan to see some new sights. I have done the climb up the North side several times and needed some new scenery. I have never been to the town of Chelan Falls so my plan today was to circumnavigate the Butte starting at the Chelan Reach trailhead, and then rounding the base to the East or across the southern flank of the Butte. The southern flank turned out to be private and gated so I went down into Chelan Falls and took the roads and then the railway along the river to the South end of the Chelan Butte Road. It is very quiet back there and more wildlife was seen back there than on the popular north side. I started the climb to the summit there at the Stayman Flats/ Chelan Butte Rd junction. Once I got to the summit, I watched a tandem launch of a parasailing couple on their journey to Chelan. Coming down the trail was a little dicy with the occassional larger rock in the trail but it is always a constant rush of intensity. There is one snag that fell across the trail, a hundred yards or more, from the towers. It was a great day for this. A great theraputic day for the times. GPS Track and pictures are here. Enjoy.

Submitted by tomvale on 05/07/2020