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Very Long Descent

It was very cloudy today with fairly dense fog in parts at ground level, so no views until the later parts of the ride. Trail in great shape. There was standing water in some spots, as expected on an 11 mile singletrack descent this time of year, but for the most part. the traction was great, and there was no dust, of course. It was a little cold up top, but I had an extra layer in the pack, so no issue. Recommend planning for that if you want to get in a ride up there before the snow starts. Very little water in the crossings. Only saw three riders leaving the parking lot ahead of me, and then several motos up there. I would add the following to the navigation info provided for this ride - around 8 miles, you'll cross a cattle grate and come upon a 4 way intersection. Turn right, and ride up the hill. Not far after that, turn right at the T intersection. This will lead you to the upper trailhead in a couple miles. One of the best rides I've done. The sustained descent is amazing. You climb 3,200+ ft before you start descending, and it seems like the descent must be more than that. Some kind of mountain biking twilight zone (of a good kind). Very nice fall colors.

Submitted by ladmo on 10/19/2014