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Summer hurrah

Rode the classic loop in the CW direction on a stunning fall day.  Left the TH around 9:30 and returned around 5:00PM which included leisurly stops at Cooney and Boiling Lake.  Trail was in great condition from recent rains adn the larches are in full golden glory.  Not many days left to get this loop - go now!

On the directions - when yout turn off WA153 you'll turn onto Gold Creek Loop Rd.  After a mile or so you'll turn right onto Gold Creek Rd.  It's easy to miss.  Follow this road and ignore the roads to the left (NF100 and then NF200).  Eventually the road will split and you'll want to stay left onto NF300 which will take you up to the trailhead.  The road to the trailhead was in pretty good shape.

Submitted by woodway on 09/29/2014