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For explorers only

13 | Oct | '18

I've been looking for more Stevens Pass rides and tried this one for the advertised views and fall colors. The trail starts with a 1/2 or 3/4 mile grunt or hike and then continues with a slightly less steep trail. It is tough to maintain a consistent pace and hike a bike was just easier. After 5200' you have a narrow traverse trail that can be tedious and technical and dismounts might be necessary. There were many downed trees and the overgrowth and tree debris fields made me lose the trail three times during the descent to the Snowy Creek trail intersection. After the turn on to Snowy Creek trail you end up back at the Snowy Creek trailhead and a return to your car is a easy climb on the FS road to the North. I like exploring and enjoyed the trail, as a hiker, but the bike just made it faster, not any more enjoyable. Track and pics here, and I also explored Skyline Lake just north of the pass summit with the bike two weekends ago for another adventure trip here. The video on the Nason Ridge trail page is from 2010. The trail is less maintained than that video shows. The video was probably taken before the overgrowth or was part of the Snowy Creek trail. The Snowy Creek section was like NW Timber at Tiger.

Submitted by tomvale on 10/14/2018