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Jungle Trail is out from logging

01 | Jul | '18

Went out to the Lake Sylvia trails for the first time today. Rode north up the Brownie Trail, to Sylvia Ridge, then headed west to the Jungle Trail - until the recent clearcut demolished the trail. It was just at the point where it would have been going down the north side of the ridge and getting fun and making the climb/push up worthwhile. Had to turn around and head east down Sylvia Ridge trail, which was in poor shape from relatavely recent clearcut. Some loose and sandy spots and alot of slash around poking through. Not super fun.

Would suggest trying other trails, or coming down the Brownie trail. Joel's trail was in good shape and a fun little descent! Will probably ride Middle Earth next time too. The West Fork Sylvia Creek trail is flat, with an occasional little feature or mud pit to make it a little more interesting. Pretty ride thought the forest on a good flat xc type trail where you can hammer and get a workout. All and all a fun afternoon, in spite of my dissapointment that the jungle had been clear cut.

Submitted by JoshTheTrailRider on 07/01/2018