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Rocky Fun

15 | Aug | '14

This was my first time up Hansen Ridge and what an amazing job Evergreen MTB has done to carve out this trail. Rode from the shooting pit to the Lake and back. Got a flat about 1 mile before reaching the lake and stupidly didn't have a pump. Thankfully there was one other rider out there and he let me use his pump (had to inflate probably 5 or so times on the way back).

There's some great single track stuff in the forest but this trail is mostly rocky and lots of up and down. Lots and lots of loose rock. Make sure you're prepared for flat tires, tubeless or  not. The views and solitude make the ride worth it though.

Much thanks to the volunteers for creating this trail and massive thanks to the rider (Matt) for sticking with me and loaning his pump.


Submitted by JGG on 08/16/2014