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03 | Sep | '16

 Started at the North end from Duthie Hill Park Saturday morning and about 3.4 miles in, a little ways past the 3rd bridge I had just about crested the hill and stopped for a moment to drink some water and take off my second shirt. I heard something off the trail and thought it was a bird or something pecking at a tree, as I was about ready to take off I thought I heard something more like footsteps and then pretty loud sniffing, I looked toward the noise and saw a black bear coming toward me. It was only about 30' away from me off the side of the trail but was coming my way so I decided to turn around and head back to Duthie. Just though I would share, I thought it was a little odd having it approach me rather than run away.

Submitted by Fenton on 09/03/2016