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Not rideable

As of early May 2016 this trail was in rough shape.  the upper and lower sections aren't bad with a handful of trees over the trail ranging in size from small to massive.  The middle 4 miles of the trail are in very rough shape.  We had to cross over more than 30 trees in the trail and two sections of the trail we completely washed off of the hill side, landslide style.   The first, shorter piece of washed out hillside was about 200 feet long and the second landslide area around 300 feet long.  The trail is completely missing.  It was quite a trek to hike the bikes through these areas.  Thank god I had some tough chick with me.   The whole ride took over four hours and there was a few times during the ride I wasn't sure if we would make it back by nightfall.  Anyway the point is until the trees get bucked out of the trail it's not worth ridding.  The landslide washouts are navigable but a bit gnarly.  Don't take the kids on this until it all fixed up.  

Submitted by konabomber on 05/28/2016