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Perfect for kids and beginners

On Sunday I took my son all the way down to BDOS from Kirkland to check out the new trails and let him ride his new birthday bike.

My last trip down there had me wishing for my ancient hardtail since it's a better bike for slow and twisty trails than my AM rig. It wasn't a bad ride by any means, but maybe not worth the long drive versus my closer trails.

Anyway, we first rode the Luna kid's trail which we thought could be for little kids and a bit boring. Nope. We really had a blast on it with rollers and banked turns. My 12-year old son gave it a big .

Next we rode Masterlink which pushed the fun factor up a few notches and he really liked that one a lot. The open rolling nature of the trail invites a good degree of speed and loud whoops. Had to do that one a couple of times.

Then we rode the new climbing trail along the north side of the powerlines up to the top of the hill. We then ripped down the descending trail on the south side of the lines. He isn't confident yet to take those jumps and rolled everything while still having a load of fun. I can't wait to hit that one with some serious speed.

It was an incredible day of riding and the perfect place to take his brand new birthday present.

While riding, I noticed the massive amount of boulders and cobbles alongside the trail. I realized that the Evergreen crew must have put in a huge effort to make the trails so smooth. Pretty amazing trail work there. I think the payoff will be worthwhile for the joy that kids and new riders will get from these trails.

Submitted by jasocass on 05/04/2016