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Wynoochee Lake

16 | Apr | '16

I came to the Coho Campground at 9:30 at it was apocalyptically empty. My goal was to ride the loop around the Wynoochee Lake by my mountain bike so I found the trailhead and went clockwise. The trail looked really unpopular. There were lots of fallen trees and couple of minor washouts. It started to grow over (good for me, I used to ride in gloves and glasses). Finally I reached Maidenhair Falls and decided to waist the second part of the loop riding on the road NF-2312 because I had a time limit and I lost too much time and power on the first half.

This area is really beautiful. I liked Wynoochee Lake, Dam and Maidenhair Falls. But the trail system needs maintenance. Right now, all those problems I mentioned before ruin the nice and flow XC trail.

Submitted by Dc.Sheff.yO on 04/20/2016