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Starvation MTN 2 town

14 | Jun | '14

We got a shuttle from the local taxi in Wintrop. I was $25-30 pre person with 10 people. They took us to the top of the Starvation Mountain and we rode 5 hours back to town. Trail finding from the top to Blue Buck Trail is pretty easy after you come out of the trail on ligthing creek at the camp group things get harder to find back to town, but it's all on the map.

The trail off the top is a lose rocky atv road down to a saddle then a 400' solo crushing climb up to 6800'. After that more avt trail thats longer and more fun. There was segemnt of mudy/wet trail, but i was rideable. At the bottom of the second atv road right after a fun sandy road segment we toke a left on to Blue Buck and rode that bliss for an hour or so, it's about 95% down. There is a very rideable creek crossing. Blue Buck is a singletrack moto trail that is fun as all get out. Then there's the steep side hit singletrack that is a little over grown and trys to push you off the hit, but it's all ridable.

We have lunch at the creek crossing after the silde hit segement. Then headed over to meet up with lighting creek trail and meet up with the road at the campground. About 45mins of road riding, mostly up we hit trail that was in the foot hills of town. followed those for a bit then had about 8miles of roads back to town.

All in all a every good day. 6000' of decending and 1500' of climbing and 35 miles on the bike.

Submitted by pnwtrailboss on 06/17/2014