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Directions to Derailed

Derailed is the newest trail at Port Gamble. The 2016 map on this site des show it but it will not be on the trail maps available at the trail heads. If you park on Stottlemeyer take the trails to Map location 11 (yellow 11 on maps). From this location continue up Camelbacks and the trail connector will be on your left. The connector is a handcut trail vs machine cut and still deing developed. Once you get past the forest portion to the clearcut area the flow portion of the trail starts. 

If you park at the Port Gamble Rd trailhead, take the first left on Rd 2000 and head up the hill. Once you get past the clearcut go about few hundered yards and look for pink flagging on your right. This is the other side of Camelback, continue uphill to the connector or your right. Anthoner popular way in is again with the climb on rd 2000 look to your right for green truck fenders in the clearcut. Hike a bike over to the old truck and go left to the top. This area has great sightline and minimal elevation change, but please yied to riders coming down the trail as it was intended to be ridden as a one way. 

Submitted by van462 on 02/15/2016