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Short and Sweet

14 | Jul | '15

At the end of this ride is a mile-long downhill section of the smoothest and sweetest downhill I have ever ridden. Make sure you find and download a copy of the "Montesano City Forest Road and Trail Map" before you go. I didn't do that and got lost. Cross the bride over Lake Sylvia and park there. Take the trail that starts by the boat ramp and in about a half mile or so you will come to a forest road. Turn left up the hill and follow it a short ways to the "Sylvia Ridge" trail. This trail is steep at first and pushing may be required in spots but after a half mile you will pass the "Brownie" trial intersection and it flattens out and becomes nice and smooth. Follow the Sylvia Ridge trail for another mile as it is smooth, gently rolling and very enjoyable. Too bad that it ends abruptly at a forest road but just turn around and enjoy the ride back to the "Brownie" trail. Take the "Brownie" trail back to the lake. This is the section of great trail mentioned at the start of my review. I can't stress how nice of a run that it is but do beware of one four foot drop that comes up as quite a surprise. You can walk around it or just go for it depending on your skill set. The lake is beautiful and has all the usual state park facilities. Allow about an hour to ride this - it would be a great side trip if one is just passing through or you could explore the many other roads and trails on the map.  

Altogether the main ride described above is only about 5 miles (not the 11 as it says). However the area is large and there looks to be many fire roads and trails here. I rode a couple miles out the "West Fork" trail shown on the map. It was an endless alder bottom and pretty easy riding but buggy in the moist July heat...     

Submitted by billmcne on 07/21/2015