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Did only the road for picture's sake

11 | Jul | '15

After hiking 7 miles in Stevens Pass yesterday, I was a little sore and the whole Butte road would have been brutal. I drove up to the 2800 foot level and parked at the Y (no parking lot there but it was really early). I didn't bring a lot of gear and was alone so I didn't do the trail downhill (downhill will have to wait for another time) but I'm posting this report to provide more pictures for the riders going UP.  See the link for photos of the upper third of the road and the parasail airport at the top. The last couple of photos show the high centering rocks keeping low-riders from shuttling all the way to the top.


If you don't like the climb, I think the best way to do this ride would be with three people, rotating the shuttle driver and the buddy system for the other two doing the downhill.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/12/2015