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Too early...

12 | Jun | '15

Rode solo with drop-off shuttle from Devil's Backbone TH near Handy Springs. Note that as of 6/13/2015, FS5900 (aka Shady Pass Rd) is closed at Shady Pass so the TH is not accessible from the Entiat side -- you must drive up 5900 from 25-Mile Creek in Chelan. 

Devil's had a few blowdowns in the first ~4 miles to the viewpoint; but trail conditions were generally good with no snow and little early-season use. From the viewpoint, the descent down into the talas field climb had 10-15 points where downed trees forced me off the bike. The talas field is in good shape, more climbable than usual and no snow on the trail at the top.

Pot Peak is a mess -- lots of blowdown, with some piles high enough that I had to scramble halfway up, toss my bike over, then follow so I wouldn't break an ankle. The upper half of the trail (~5miles) was constant on and off the bike. The brushy vegetation encroaching on some sections of trail was also pretty bad, though that's not unusual this time of year, especially when there hasn't been a lot of moto traffic yet. Got tossed off my bike a couple of times when branches made me grab brake.

Overall, I'd wait until the FS (and the moto groups) maintain the trail, which will likely happen in the next month or so. Check with the Chelan RD before heading out.


Submitted by geoffroh on 06/15/2015