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Good ride

09 | May | '15

Road #230 is closed because of a major landslide in the Lower dungeness/Gold creek trailhead area. The trailhead is taped off and does not look very safe with major cracks in the road and collapsed trees.

We have left our car at the beginning of road 230 and rode down on bikes, entering the Dungeness trail about a mile above from the trailhead, where #230 is blocked by large boulders. Further up it all looks good, except of one major washdown a little above the shelter. Portion of the trail disappeared down in the river and we had to scramble over broken trees and loose gravel on a steep slope.

Even with this complications, it was a great ride with super though leg burning climbs up the Lower Dungeness trail (hike-a-bike inevitable in parts) and with a rewarding tricky downhill on the narrow but smooth Gold Creek trail.    



Submitted by radoklco on 05/11/2015