Newberry Heritage Park
Beaver Pond.jpg
Key Info
2 of 5 (technical difficulty)
2 of 5 (physical difficulty)
25 miles total
50' elevation gain
90% single track
10% fire road
47.61704129 lat.
-122.7497292 long.


Close to 1200 acreas owned by Kitsap County. A developing area with a mix of multi-use and some non-equine trails over rolling terrain with some level logging roads in heavy woods. The site is maintained by the Newberry Hill Heritage Park Stewarship Group.   Look for the swans on the pond in spring and all of the Beaver activity making the ponds.

Banner like. Tight, Twisty, Rooty, technical singletrack.  Can be very wet in winter.

Work party once every third Saturday of the month or as advertised. Contact Tom Coleman via the Friends of NHHP website for group work parties, Scout projects, or individual community service. Monitor the Friends of Newberry Hill Heritage Park site [4] for information on work events.

Ride Reports

29 | Jul | '15

Trails are in great shape and maps available near every entrance. I parked at the Holly gate and did the three technical loops first which were as described - tight, twisty, rooty and generally short. Perfect for a lower intermediate rider. Then I rode along the Old Loop Road and took the Rhodie Hill loop from there. I did Rhodie Hill counter-clockwise and think it would be better done the other way to avoid a short but very steep climb in sandy soil with baseball sized boulders but once at the top (after some pushing) it was a fun ride down. Next was the Coyote Loop, nice little trail but I ended up getting dumped out into a snooty develpment which was posted with plenty of NO signs. Doubling back I found Rhodie Hill again where I got dive bombed by a huge barred owl which was the hightlight of my day. Then it was back onto the Old Loop Road and back to the car via the Bird Meadow and Wildlife trails which are both pretty level with some minor hills that add the fast flow of those nice trails. So I still have 2/3's of the area left to explore and will definately go back again. Could be a little boring for more advanced riders but a good place to bring your girlfriend or family.