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Dockton Forest Mountain Bike Trails


Key Info

1-2 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
NW Washington


15 miles total
300' elevation gain
90% single track
10% fire road
0% paved
47.370835 lat.
-122.446772 long.


Be aware of equestrian activity.

The Dockton Forest MTB Trails consist of 2.5 miles of stacked-loop singletrack with connection to the beach and King County's Dockton Park by way of the Huckleberry trail.

The green (beginner) loop offers easy riding for beginners or anyone needing a warm up. This loop consists of:

  • Gravel Grinder
  • Erratic
  • UFO

The blue (intermediate) loop is larger, and offers more advanced riders a chance to corner and get some air on various berms and jumps.  Features are progression-friendly and can mostly be rolled for those not yet comfortable with wheels-off-the-ground. Intermediate trails on this loop are:

  • Feeder Line
  • Chairlift
  • Bumpy Monkey
  • Flying Monkey
  • Dr. Jekyll
  • Mr. Hyde

While equestrians usage on Vashon prevalent, horses rarely ride in this section of the park; if venturing out on the Huckleberry Trail be aware of equestrian use and be sure to communicate clearly and be prepared to dismount your bike. 


These trails drain pretty well and offer great spring riding since they roll better with a little moisture. The weather is temperate and trails are open all year.

The Maury 40, or Dockton Forest Lease, was transferred by the Common School Trust to the King County Parks Department on a 25-year stewardship lease in 2005. The land is designated as open space for passive recreation. No known proposals for trail development exist.

Advocacy groups on the island have a vested interest in the area because of its critical role in the local watershed. These groups include the Vashon / Maury Land Trust and the Dockton Water Association.

Mays Kitchen + Bar

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie

  • Historic store with a ton of character. Best coffee on Vashon.
  • Located 2 mi. south of town
  • http://www.tvicr.com/

Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi - sushi/lounge/bistro 

The Hardware Store

Rock Island Pizza

  • Great pizza, salads (you gotta try the orange chipotle dressing - they sell it) lots of BEER.

Café Luna

Casa Bonita

  • Great Mex, beer, margaritas(!) nice family rest.
  • Located in town of Vashon (middle of island)

La Playa

  • 'Nuther Mex, good everything, esp. location
  • Located on the water, at the Northend ferry dock.