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To ensure that you are ready for the challenge please do the following:

Do this right away

  1. Download the Goosechase App to your phone here
    • You may want to have this on more than one phone in the family to make it easier to complete as many missions as possible.
  2. Join the challenge in the App
    • Open the app and select “Play as Guest”
    • Find the box labeled “Game Code” and enter this code: QM3GWX
    • Click “Select Team & Join the Game”
  3. Create team in the App
    • Following the step above, select “Create Team” and enter the team name, and follow the instructions.
    • On the same screen the app will generate a unique access code for your team, save this code. The code can be used by other team members to join your team on their phones. If you delete the code and leave it blank your team is open to join by anyone.
  4. Enable Notifications
    • You will be shown a screen after the step above. Please select “Enable Notifications” and “allow push notifications”. We will be using this app exclusively for communication during the challenge and you will need to know when we present a new mission or bonus challenges! This can be changed after the challenge is completed.
  5. Exit the App
    • For now...once you have completed the steps above, all you will need to do on the day of the challenge is open the app, and rejoin the game. Everything should be all set!

Now that you have set this all up you are ready to complete the Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day Challenge on October 3rd!

All of the missions will consist of Pre-Ride, During-the-Ride and Post-Ride elements. We want to be with you for the whole thing! Be sure to check into the app first thing in the morning so you can start completing your missions as you get ready for your ride that day!

Your First Mission

Complete your first mission before we start by downloading and printing this cool coloring book page for your kids to color! To get your mission points we will ask for a picture of the awesome finished product!

Event Schedule (All times PDT):

  • 6:00 am - Pre-ride missions unlocked (feel free to start the challenge)
  • 10:00am - Official start to the Challenge, all missions unlocked
  • 4:00pm - Challenge closed and winner announced via Zoom.


Ride on, and have fun!

 EMBA TKMBD 2020 event header