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Indoor Airbag Sessions: Fall City, Wa

From 11/11/2023 -  4:00 pm
To 11/12/2023 -  8:00 pm
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Come work on your jump skills in a covered, lit & dry indoor arena!

Coach Robbie’s sequential method is designed to help you progress quickly - and safely. Two new ramps have been added to to Coach Robbie’s setup!

Beginning with a 2’ airbag and 15” ramp, you’ll receive feedback from Robbie on your base form while the gap is slowly increased. Tentative riders will start with the ramp touching the airbag - you can roll right into it, even sitting down! As you get comfortable, we’ll work on introducing preload and get you airborne. Advanced riders will be challenged by increasing the gap until rider errors present themselves. Hitting a small jump perfectly is not easy!

When you’re ready, take the next step to the 4.5” bag and choose between two different ramp heights. The equipment is modular and adjustable, no matter your ability Coach Robbie will set an appropriate challenge for you. Additional panels can be added to change the jump from a step-up to a larger gap jump, and the distance between the lip and landing is up to you and what you’re comfortable with. The medium airbag will have the option of a step-up or a taller kicker - for those who want it!

Graduate to the large 6.5’ airbag and 6’ kicker - all of the ramps used during your session have the same radius, which means they will all ‘feel’ the same. Believe it or not, larger ramps become easier as you have more time to feel the moment of compression. (Not less scary though!)

One session will leave you with soaring confidence and the excitement to take your skills to the trail.