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Blue Buck and Lightning Creek Dig Campout and Ride Presented by Transition Bikes, Shimano and Kulshan Brewing

10/01/2023,  9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Work Parties
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Dig/Ride Weekend Presented By Shimano and Kulshan Brewing

Dates: Friday September 29th - Sunday October 1st


Thanks for joining us this weekend! We are excited to have you join us this Friday through Sunday to get some much-needed trail work done, enjoy each other’s company and ride bikes. Thanks to Shimano, Transition, Blue Star Coffee Roasters, Methow Cycle & Sport, Huckwagons,and Kulshan Brewing for helping to support this Dig/Ride weekend Campout. You’ll enjoy some great food, beverages and a day of riding in exchange for your hard work on the trails. Thanks for taking the time to participate and making this event great!

We’ve got a bunch of great gear from our supporters to give away throughout the weekend. We’ll make sure everyone is styling and feeling good!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you’ve registered for each day you’re joining us.




Camp setup/move-in


Work Party Check-in


Work Party


Happy Hour




Apres Social

as long as you want


Breakfast (bring your own)


Work Party Check-in


Work Party


Happy Hour




Raffle Drawing + Apres Social



Breakfast (bring your own)

7:30 - 8:30

Ride Bikes


Camp move out

anytime after ride



Beaver Campground will be our base camp for the weekend. It is a rustic WDFW site without running water. Good for tents, vans, RTT, and small trailers. Large RVs and trailers are not recommended. Discover Pass required. We’ll be on site Thursday night so if you’re traveling, we can help you get situated.

There is still a burn ban in effect for Okanogan County wood fire campfires are prohibited. We expect this to lift for the weekend however. If you have a propane fire pit, you are welcome to use that.

1. Bring plenty of water for the weekend. We will be based at a dry camp, so you’ll need to bring all you need for hydration and other personal use

2. Prepare for cool and damp weather - Gloves, warm clothes, rain gear are all in play. It’s fall in the mountains, so you’ll want to be prepared for warm and cool temperatures.

3. Bring your own mug or cup for warm drinks and cold beverages.

4. Bring your own plates/bowl and utensils (we are trying to limit our footprint and waste)

5. Bring snacks of various sorts (we will have some snacks available but bring some extra food just in case).

6. Headlamps, lights, and camp chairs for hanging by the campfire.



We will be providing dinner on Friday and Saturday night plus morning coffee and some trail snacks. Please bring your own food and whatever you need to prepare it for breakfasts and lunches (ideally something easy to pack). Beer and other beverages will also be provided. The campground does not have running water, so please bring plenty of water for the weekend...


Work Party

1. See numbers 1, 2 above

2. Bring your own personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes gloves, long pants, long shirt, eye and ear protection. *Helmets (bike helmets ok) required if using any mechanized equipment

3. Lunch is your responsibility

4. Pack of some sort to carry all of the above

5. A bike, ebike or motorcycle to transport yourself and gear to the work zones.

It will be a long way to walk otherwise!!!



Sunday is for riding and will be a great reward for the work we accomplish beforehand. We’ll have a couple options available to ensure you get what you’re looking for. We have a special opportunity that only participants will get to sample! You’ll also have the opportunity to ride the trails we worked on.

1. Bike and helmet
2. Riding gear
3. See number 1 & 3 above :-)

We’ll see you in a few days!

Methow Chapter crew