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Diggo D' Mayo @ Port Gamble

05/06/2023, 10:00 am
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West Sound, Cascades to Sound
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Hellooooo Friends! Im sure you have all heard by now; We are building a DUAL SLALOM at Port Gamble! Trek Silverdale will be hosting this party w us and we would love the community to join in on the digging. 

The first few turns are put in; the rest of the trail is loosely shaped. Sooooo come one, come all and sccchllllaaaaappppp some dirt. Trek will be serving up the tacos and maybe we can test the slalom that afternoon! No promises. 

Meet at the bright orange conex box at 10am! Located in the new ride park area, next to the jumplines. We recomend arriving to the parking lot around 9:15 to gear up and give time to pedal up to the park. 

We hope to see ya there!