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Naneum Campout: Work Party & Ride

From 06/02/2023 -  6:00 pm
To 06/04/2023 -  8:00 pm
Work Parties
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Great views, wildflower season, bikes, and refreshments what more could you ask?! Well, there is also free dispersed camping (with Discover Pass) in this area, and the campground has a toilet now, so we will be living the high life! This is a perfect time to explore this new trail project, and help pitch in to add more mileage! We will be digging on a new downhill trail and finishing Hustler in the Upper Ridge Naneum area. RSVP to Andrea: Text at 5O9-6O7-2O68
There are currently 13 completed miles to explore in the area, with many more to come as this project will eventually connect over Naneum Ridge to Wenatchee! https://www.trailforks.com/region/naneum-ridge-state-forest/
6:00-8:30pm: Set up camp at TH3 and brush out trail corridor. Need volunteers and saws!
10am-2pm Main Trail Work Party. Need Volunteers!
2pm-5pm Refreshments then Ride!
5pm and Later: Refreshments at Camp
Riding? More trail work? Whatever you want!
Meet here: https://www.trailforks.com/poi/43541/ you WILL need Trailforks to navigate, but we may hang up signs! You can find turn by turn directions further down in the description. We will be staging tools and riding in down the road (west) at the start to Up the Middle.
Road to the TH 3 up the Coleman Canyon side is a little rough in places but is passable for most crossover SUVs and bigger (requires some clearance for water bars). A sprinter van made came out last year, but mind your bike racks on the water bars. Reach out to Andrea if you need directions or places to camp. There are a ton of camping options lower on the mountain if you don't want to drive that far, then you can just ride in to the work party!
Directions to TH3/Campground:
At the T where Cooke Canyon and Coleman Canyon split, take a left on to gravel on Coleman. Set your trip meter. At 3.5 miles near the powerlines, stay right and cross creek. At 5.3 miles (15-20 minutes on gravel), cross a bridge. Ignore the immediate right at the bridge, but take the next right heading up a side canyon. At around 8 miles, pass the junction to TH2, continue another ~3 miles to TH3/Camp. FYI, Google will try to route you up Cooke Canyon, then a 4x4 trail. You can actually drive up Cooke Canyon, staying on Tyee Road, but there is rough rock that makes it very slow going in places. Just stick with Coleman Canyon.
Riding the Connector Trail (6.5 miles) or Tyee Road and Up the Middle (5.3 miles) in from TH1 is an option if you want to avoid the extended gravel road driving.
-Camping: Plenty of room for everyone. Park courteously to leave room for others, and find a place to call home in the large flat site. There’s a nice big fire pit for everyone to gather around. I will bring a propane grill and cook stove which you are welcome to use for breakfast or dinner. Hot dogs, chips, snacks, and beverages will be provided on Saturday afternoon/evening, but bring your own food for the other meals. The meadow at the front of the campground can still be muddy this time of year, so be gentle, and give the blooming camas a chance!
-Bring your bike, gloves, snacks, water, camping supplies, etc. We will have a small tool supply, but if you have a saw or other favorite tool, please bring it!