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You Can Build Evergreen's Membership

You Can Build Evergreen's Membership

23 | Aug | '19
Ian Terry


When did you join Evergreen? 

And, more importantly, why?


For some of you, a single ride at one of Evergreen’s many trail projects was enough to slap down the 35 bucks for an individual membership.

For others, a new trail system close to home has literally changed your way of life by bringing new recreation opportunities to your family’s doorstep.

Or, perhaps, you found community and friendship at one of the many group rides, skills classes, work parties and events Evergreen hosts throughout the year.

You understand the value in supporting Evergreen through a membership because you’ve seen the benefits firsthand.

Now, will you help share Evergreen’s work and encourage other riders to join?


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It helps sometimes to share the work happening right now by Evergreen staff and volunteers in our ongoing quest to make Washington the best place to ride:


If you ride in Wenatchee, Evergreen is working right now to deliver brand new trails to you at No. 2 Canyon and beyond. We're also working to expand classes and camps for those looking to improve their mountain bike skills in Central Washington.

If you ride in Seattle, Evergreen is negotiating with local land managers and planners to expand your mountain bike world. We also have crews on the ground now (yes, right now!) working to maintain and improve your favorite local standbys like Tiger Mountain and Raging River.

If you ride in Spokane, Evergreen has filled the void many new riders have been calling for by adding skills classes to your area. Oh, and have you seen the new Beacon Hill pump track? We're putting the final touches on it as you read this. Mica Peak? Yup, you guessed it– new trails coming soon!

If you ride in the Methow, Evergreen is revitalizing and recreating an age-old dream of turning the valley into a mountain bike mecca right now. We've been working hard to deliver new miles of singletrack to places like Lewis Butte, Buck Mountain, Chickadee and beyond.

If you ride on the Peninsula, Evergreen is working right now on building a brand-new skills park in Port Gamble so you and your family can develop your skills without needing to hop on a ferry. We're also gearing up to begin work at Green Mountain near Bremerton. Get ready for fresh trail on Washington's West Side!

If you’re a new mountain biker, Evergreen is working right now to organize inclusive classes and skills clinics so you can get off on the right foot– er, wheel– and fall in love with this rapidly growing sport.

If you like going downhill real fast, well, wait until you see our new project in Darrington. Your mind while explode straight out through the front of your full-face as you take on one the new DH tracks currently being constructed by our professional trail crew right now.

And if you like big backcountry rides, Evergreen is actively working right now to protect and maintain access to your favorite summer epics in Washington.

So how does all this work get done? YOU!


Become an Evergreen Member


Evergreen relies on your membership support to keep our programs ticking as we work to make Washington the best place to ride. 

Please consider joining the 6,000+ mountain bikers who have made the choice to become Evergreen Members.


Call to Action

Evergreen is #RiderPowered because of you– and you are the best messengers we have!

Help us build our ranks! Reach out to your riding partners or just that guy/gal at the trailhead. Share this blog post and your own reasons for supporting Evergreen.

You are the "power" behind Evergreen, keep it up!

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