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The 2023 Dirty Dozen, Even Dirtier

The 2023 Dirty Dozen, Even Dirtier

20 | Jun | '23
Liz Lunderman

The 2023 Dirty Dozen

Summer is here and that means more time to travel and explore the great riding all over our state! To celebrate, Evergreen chapters across the state have put together their list of Washington trails that should be on your short list for this year's ride season.

For our fourth annual summer challenge we have a new Dirty Dozen for those brave enough to take it on! And, while it’s not a contest or competition, those who complete each trail before December 31st, 2023 and record their rides using TrailForks will receive a 2023 Dirty Dozen Trailforks badge - as a virtual medal of honor.


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 Are YOU ready for the challenge?

Earlier this year, we sought nominations from all eight Evergreen chapters for great trails to ride. We’ve taken their nominations and curated a list of trails that encompasses all of the unique features that riding in Washington offers. To round out the pack, we threw in a few staff favorites that our team here at Evergreen HQ thinks you’ve got to experience!

The trails vary in difficulty; some are more strenuous or technical than others. But, we’re confident that riders with a solid baseline of intermediate fitness, skills, and experience will be able to hit the trails, and take down this challenge head on. Many of the trails on the list are short, some are long, and all can be included with other trails in the area to make a great ride. Have fun and be creative with how you tackle this challenge.

We hope the Dirty Dozen encourages you to revisit old stomping grounds or explore new trails. Maybe it will push you to your limits or grow your confidence, skills and fitness this summer. Either way, we know you’re going to love it.

The 2023 Dirty Dozen awaits!

Remember to #RecreateResponsibly

Tag your photos on social media with the hashtag #EvergreenDirtyDozen2023

Have fun!


2023 Dirty Dozen List

Cascades to Sound

1. Legend
0.3 miles
Black Diamond

Named in honor of Len "The Legend" Francies, who sadly passed away on 1/1/16, while riding his bike. Len was an early board member of BBTC, which became Evergreen, and had a huge impact in trail advocacy, establishing an education program, and developed the Evergreen Sawyer program in addition to spending countless hours doing volunteer trail work. Len did much of the saw work on the recently built trails on Tiger. Legend is a short downhill, with two steepish drops and one steep drop. We recommend taking Master Link to NOTG, Fully Rigid, Joy Ride and then The Legend. Alternatively, you could ride Master Link to Inside Passage to EBAD, traverse Northwest Timber to The Legend. Or you can straight up pedal out Northwest Timber to The Legend. Lots of different options here.

2. Skyline
2.2 miles
Blue Square

Located on North Mountain in Darrington, Skyline is a mix of natural techy, rooty, rocky PNW singletrack and machine built flow jumps and berms. Upper is more techy and the lower is more flowy. You’ll want an eBike or a shuttle for this one.

3. Silkworm
1.2 miles
Green Circle

A classic from way back in the early days is still a super fun flowy trail with lots of undulating ups and down. Built within a tight space and engineered quite remarkably. Lots of fun wooden features to play on, a couple raised bridges, a medium size drop and a really cool teeter totter to finish things off.



4. Uplands Loop
4.0 miles
Green Circle

This 552-acre conservation area located just south of Liberty Lake in the Spokane Valley was acquired in 2011 with Conservation Futures funding protecting it from development. A mile south of I-90 and within a 25-minute drive of 600,000 people, this property is an example of native shrub steppe habitat that's remained relatively intact over the past century. The Loop is about 5.8 miles with around 630' feet of incline as well as descent. 

5. Jungle Hill
3.4 miles
Blue Square

Like most in this area, this is a loop that involves a portion of the Kettle Crest trail, and then (usually) a descent down the Jungle Hill trail. Some do Jungle Hill as an out and back, or as a climb. Most do it as a DH finish to a loop.



6. Buck Mountain
8.7 miles
Blue Square

The trail starts out as a double-track and then quickly turns into an awesome narrow flowing singletrack ride. Takes you through pine forests as well as sagebrush and balsamroot meadows. Great views and awesome wildflowers in the spring. This is open range, so watch out for cattle on the trail! Ride Buck Up from the parking area to the start of the trail. 

7. Wild Turkey
1.0 miles
Black Diamond

Wild Turkey has some berms, small gaps and rock rolls as you descend through the pines. The largest gap jump comes up on you quickly, right out of the gates and is maybe a 10' shot, the trail gives you plenty of speed to clear it. Ride arounds for all the features; easier routes are clearly marked well ahead of time. A pretty fun trail overall and a bit steeper/more challenging that Pete's Dragon.



8. Rat Pac
3.6 miles
Blue Square

Rat Pac Trail is another classic! Roslyn locals love this 4-mile downhill with fast, swoopy features and exciting drops, jumps, a gravity bowl, various skinnies, ladders, and a few pucker-inducing features, including the infamous Rock - an elevated ladder-to-boulder with serious consequences. The trail has hard and easy lines and is well marked. There are TTF options for more advanced riders. The trail is accessed from Roslyn/Cle Elum using a logging road climb (or longer options with mostly singletrack) leading to great views from slickrock on the top of Roslyn Ridge into the Teanaway valley.

This trail is only 90 minutes from Seattle and local lodging is cheap. It's worth spending a weekend in Cle Elum or Roslyn to ride this trail.



9. Soup Creek
2.9 miles
Blue Square

Soup Creek Trail starts with a gravel road climb (or shuttle) on NF-1305 just north off Highway 12. Take the Fire road climb up approximately 3+ miles (feels longer). The trail is split into 3 sections upper, mid & lower. On the way up you will pass two gravel roads on the left NF-344 & NF346 both of which the downhill portion crosses over so depending on your fitness level and experience you can cut into the trail that way.

The single track starts with some loosish gravel and is pretty steep. Eventually it changes to just dirt, and is really nice. There are some optional jumps off to the side that are pretty fun. There are a couple steeper and sketchier sections but nothing too bad. In the bottom two sections there are some really nice berms that are really fun. Overall this trail is really fun!



10. My Name is Inigo Montoya (MNIIM)
0.3 miles
Black Diamond

My Name is Inigo Montoya is the newest addition to the downhill trails at Number 2 Canyon. The upper half was completed and opened June 1st, 2023, with the lower half expected to open mid-summer of 2023. Designed and built by Tom Ford along with Jesse Livingston of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance's Central Chapter, this trail is described as an Advanced Adventure Jump/Flow trail with big berms, big jumps, and big surprises.


West Sound

11. DnD (Dirt & Debauchery) Part 1 & Part 2 
0.2 miles
Blue Square and Black Diamond

DnD Part 1 is a blue singletrack trail located in the new Port Gamble Ride Park. It starts off with flowy rolls through narrow trees, a great place to practice a no brake challenge! It then feeds into DnD Part 2, a black diamond singletrack trail. DnD Part 2 offers steeper flow, with big berms and kickers to fly through the tight trees. Flowing through a beautiful fern laden forest, you will be getting speed on the downhill. 



12. Tarbell Loop
22.6 miles
Blue Square

The Tarbell loop is a varied route with lots of different types of terrain and fantastic descents. The best way to ride it is CLOCKWISE, so you're ascending hiking trails with moderate grades and descending mountain bike trails. Doing it counter-clockwise is an exercise in frustration. The trail travels through a lot of clear cuts, so start early in the morning or ride it on a cool day. The section that climbs over Larch Mountain can be under snow from about mid-December through early May. This is the closest epic loop to the Portland area, and it's one every mountain biker should ride if they haven't yet.

The 2023 Dirty Dozen, Even Dirtier