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The 2021 Dirty Dozen Ride Series Is Live!
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The 2021 Dirty Dozen Ride Series Is Live!

01 | Jun | '21
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The 2021 Dirty Dozen

Twelve Washington trails that should be on your short list for this year's ride season.

Summer is here and we are stoked for a summer with more opportunity to travel and explore the great riding all over our state!

Last year, we launched the first ever Dirty Dozen, where we challenged riders across the state to take on twelve awesome trails across Washington to offer a new way to fuel summer mountain bike explorations in a Covid-friendly way!

This summer we are bringing it back with a new Dirty Dozen for those brave enough to take it on! And, while it’s not a contest or competition, those who complete each trail before December 31st, 2021 and record their rides using TrailForks will receive a 2021 Dirty Dozen badge - as a virtual medal of honor.


TrailForks Dirty Dozen Homepage


Are YOU ready for the challenge?

Earlier this year, we sought nominations from our eight chapters across the state. We’ve curated a list of trails that encompasses all of the unique features that riding in Washington offers. To round out the pack, we threw in a few staff favorites that our team here at Evergreen thinks you’ve got to experience!

The trails we’ve selected this year vary in difficulty; some are more strenuous or technical than others. But, we’re confident that riders with a solid baseline of intermediate fitness, skills, and experience will be able to hit the trails, and take down this challenge head on.

We hope the Dirty Dozen encourages you to revisit old stomping grounds or explore new trails. Maybe it will push you to your limits or grow your confidence, skills and fitness this summer. Either way, we know you’re going to love it.

The 2021 Dirty Dozen awaits!

Remember to #RecreateResponsibly

Tag your photos on social media with the hashtag #EvergreenDirtyDozen2021

Have fun!


2021 Dirty Dozen Trails

Cascades to Sound

1. Canyon Creek DH

2.4 miles


Canyon Creek DH is one of the newest additions to Snoqualmie’s Raging River. This one-way, rough and rooty trail offers a formidable, technical descent that both intermediate and advanced riders can enjoy. While it can feel closer to a black, than a blue trail - some have even dubbed it a “spicy blue” trail - intermediate riders can make their way down without much trouble. On the other hand, advanced and expert riders will find the trail to be an incredible mix of tech, high speeds, and optional rollers and jumps.

Over the course of the 2.4 mile descent, each segment brings new surprises, and showcases the varied type of riding that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. You’ll be blown away by the carefully not-removed natural rocks, and deep-woods feel of the trail.

Access: To experience CCDH, riders must first climb 6.4 miles using the one-way climb trail Upward Mobility (3miles), then multi-directional Raging Ridge (3.4 miles). The climb comes to a cumulative ascension of just under 2050’ - a challenging feat in itself. Alternatively, riders may opt to climb the fire road, for a steeper climb, but shorter distance of 5.87 miles.


2. Out Of The Blue

4 miles

Black Diamond

Out of the Blue is a 4 mile black diamond dropping 2800’ to the Beverly Road. It boasts epic views, spectacular forest, and varied terrain with chunky gnar. The trail is a mix of spicy blue tech and black diamond tech downhill features.

Access: From the lower lot, riders can jump onto the access road for a road climb (1mile, 727’), followed by a climb on Pathfinder (2080’ft, 123’ climb), and a descent on Old Road (1,283’, 106’), and the Logging Road (0.59, 124’ descent), before hooking up with the North mountain Road (5.31 miles, 1500’) for a final climb to the tower, and Out of the blue!>For a longer loop, riders can opt for a 13 mile, 3599’ climb solely on the North Mountain Road to reach the tower, then hit the gnarly pay dirt on Out of the Blue.


West Sound

3. Derailed

1 mile


Derailed boasts epic views over Southwest Washington from Silverstar Mountain, along with rocky chunder, blazing fast single track through primary forest and just plain grin inducing magic.

The trail benefited from some improvements in 2020, now featuring new berms and jumps, in addition to the existing flowy downhill, small tabletop jumps and optional doubles. While it has been marked as a black on the Port Gamble maps, the trail is moderate and all features can be rolled over, or around.

Access: Hop right on from the Port Gamble Road Trailhead Parking Lot



4. Thrillium

2.2 miles

Black Diamond

Thrillium is back with a number of improvements this winter. It’s bigger, faster, and safer - truly everything you want in a DH or Enduro-like run. While it offers no technical man-made trail features, it boasts lots of rollable gap jumps, making it fun for 'Intermediate' skill levels and beyond.

Access: Shuttle up, and drop in directly from the “Drop Off Parking Spot”


5. Chinook Run

2 miles

Black Diamond

Chinook run is a part of the larger chinook trail system, and features fantastic views of Southwest Washington from Silverstar Mountain. Riders can opt to shuttle to the top (with a suitable vehicle that can make the climb), or opt for the Tarbell Loop ride if you choose to climb to the top of Silverstar. Overall, Chinook Run is a low elevation alpine trail with views, turns, loose rock to keep things interesting.

Access: From Dole Valley Road, jump on the 1100 road and drive 6.5 miles West to the junction with the 4109 road, then drive South, up the hill. Once you reach the parking lot, climb the trail until you see an “obscure looking entrance to the trail on your right”, then you’ve made it!



6. Cow Canyon DH

1.4 miles

Black Diamond

Cow Canyon DH is loose, steep, raw and it keeps riders on their toes. The last time this trail saw a bike, it was probably when riders of yesteryear stumbled across it while riding jeep roads on their elastomer fork hardtails. With beginnings as a cattle driving trail, it has recently been reclaimed and reworked to provide a rowdy, technical descent with an old school, backcountry flavor.

Access: See Trailforks

Bonus:Our friends in the Cowlitz-Naches chapter offered up some awesome post-ride pit-stops in the area of this loop! Check out the following spots they recommended:

Bron Yr Aur Brewing

Nier the Nook



7. Coal Creek

5.4 Miles


A nice flowing singletrack trail that follows the ridge to the east of Coal Creek. Trail starts at the intersection of Meadowlark and Thompson Ridge road and gently gains the first summit and then descends south on the ridge towards Twisp River road. Return can be the singletrack climb up More Cowbells to complete a loop. Amazing views and fast flowing trail surface with plenty of options for fun on the side. One way direction north to south.

Access: Hop right onto Coal Creek from the Parking Lot



8. Sofa Kingdom



Sofa Kingdom was built in the spring of 2020. It connects the bottom of Road Rage to the Sundance trail, which connects to Double D's above the meadow. The new trail follows the traverse to Waterslide and replaces Upper Waterslide.

Access:This trail starts just down the double track from the top of Stairway to Heaven across the road from the bottom of Road Rage, approximately 2.5 road miles (4 trail miles) from the lower parking area/gate.



9. Zipper


Double Black Diamond

From its beginnings as the most technical trail on the hill back in the 1990s, with slabs, drops, and drops; Zipper has since evolved. While the original character remains, Spring 2016 brought a new entrance that features a sweet rock face, and other changes that re-ignited the popularity and use of the trail.

While we love this rugged run, riders should keep in mind that there are high consequences. We recommend scoping out features, and sections before attempting!

Access: From the towers, hop onto Pop Rocks for just 550’, then hang a left onto Zipper.


10. Trail 290 aka “The Goods

2.9 miles

Black Diamond

3 miles (more coming soon!)>Soon to be connected to the very top of Mt Spokane (expected 2021), this downhill specific trail has a lot of fun features. From rock gardens, to jumps, tight trees, bridges, roots, bonus lines, secret senders, and lots of corners to rip - it’s a wild ride, and will challenge every rider.

Access: From the snowmobile parking lot, head down the trail until about 70ft below the restrooms. Make your way down the road another 340 feet and you’ll stumble upon Trail 290 on the right!


11. Deep Thought


Black Diamond

Deep thought offers a hearty mix of flow and technical features, with unique rocks, full on rock gardens, city views and more. This trail is celebrated as one of the best on the hill, while being approachable to a mixed skillset of riders. A black diamond; we recommend assessing obstacles before attempting.

Access: Starting from the Camp Stekani trailhead parking lot, hop onto Upchuck and head to the top of Beacon. The entrance to Deep Thought is about 70ft to the south west.



12. Chest Pains

4 miles


Chest Pains is a multi-directional blue trail that offers a fast, fun out and back option. The 1200’ climb on the way up is made worth it by stunning wildflowers in May and early June, and soaring views of Mt Stuart year round. This ride makes for a fantastic sunrise or sunset route, and the descent is a great payoff for the climb!

Access: For an out and back loop, park at the Manastash Ridge Parking Lot, and hop onto Chest Pains up to the Valley Viewpoint 3130, then descend!


A note on #RecreatingResponsibly...

As we all continue to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to follow local guidelines set forth by Washington's health officials. Travel restrictions vary by county, so before you head out to ride, make sure you're familiar with and following all rules and restrictions of the region you plan to visit. Remember, save the trails on this list that require more than a daytrip for when your local county restrictions have eased to at least Phase 3 of Washington's Phased Approach Plan.

For tips on how to mountain bike responsibly during the pandemic, please visit www.recreateresponsibly.org or watch this video. Have fun!

Twelve Washington trails that should be on your must-ride list this season.