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Trails Are Common Ground
Trails Are Common Ground

Trails Are Common Ground

27 | Oct | '21
Patrick Walker

No matter our differences in backgrounds or how we choose to enjoy the great outdoors, trails create a common ground that connects us. Access to trails is a privilege we acknowledge and can only safeguard through our actions toward one another... Everyone deserves to pursue happiness in nature. Let’s rise together to ensure a positive trail experience for all.

Trails Are Common Ground

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began our trails have seen an enormous influx of users. It hasn’t been just mountain bikers flocking to the trails, the number of hikers, trail-runners, equestrians, and motorized users have grown just as dramatically over the last year and a half.

Increasing trail traffic has made being good stewards of our trails and our communities all the more important. This need spurred national outdoor advocacy organizations including the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA), the American Trail Running Association, the Back Country Horsemen of America, the American Motorcyclist Association, and local organizations like the Washington Trails Association and Evergreen to join forces and form a coalition called Trails are Common Ground.

Trails Are Common Ground is a proactive, growing, and inclusive national community of passionate trail users woven together by our love for trails and respect for one another.

Evergreen began working with IMBA and other trail organizations in the Spring of 2021 to define the needs and parameters of the campaign. More than 20 organizations in the outdoor industry have taken part in the campaign, including representatives from groups advocating for adaptive trail users, land managers, and BIPOC communities.

Evergreen is excited to be working with IMBA and our partners in the Trails Are Common Ground coalition. We’ll keep you updated on the latest initiatives to promote good trail etiquette, and we hope to combine Trails Are Common Ground with our on-the-ground trailhead ambassadors in the future. Stay tuned, and until then, remember to #SpreadGoodTrailVibes!

Learn more about Trails are Common Ground by visiting: TrailsAreCommonGround.org 

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Trails are common ground