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Our team is growing!
Trails = team fun!

Our team is growing!

25 | Feb | '22
Patrick Walker

More Great Trails - More Great People: New Hires and Promotions.

Your small, scrappy, trusty, professional and passionate Evergreen Team is getting bigger and better!  

In 1989, we started with an all-volunteer crew and operated for a long time before hiring our first (part-time) employee and Executive Director, Justin Vanderpol in 2004. Justin then hired our first-ever staff trail builder, Mike Westra, forgoing half of his salary so Evergreen could afford to bring Mike on board!

Fast forward 18 years to today, and we're happy to say "Welcome and Congrats!!" to our expanding and evolving team. From our humble all-volunteer beginnings in 1989, we now employ nearly 100 staff in mid-summer, serving the whole state and supported by over 9,000 members - how amazing is that?

Read on to see who and what is new, and check out our whole team on the "Our Team" page, please reach out to each to help them celebrate their growth and new careers with Evergreen: 




Micah Shapiro, Finance Director.

Micah joins us this March, after a long history of skateboard park development as CEO of Grindline. His experience managing projects, finances, and contracts make him an exceptional addition to the Evergreen team. Please welcome Micah to our team! 

Brandon Lester, Trail & Volunteer Program Manager.

Brandon is a fresh addition to the trails team, adding horsepower to the trails team by providing both project management services and running our growing volunteer program. Responsible for delivering more than 30,000 hrs of volunteer work per year, Brandon will focus on expanding, training, and scheduling trail work parties for our volunteer workforce. He will provide project management support to our professional trail crew and our growing chapters. Say hello to Brandon when you get the chance!

Matt Crosby, Systems Administrator.

Matt is another new hire, replacing Alex Brieger in a more robust and complete role as our IT Systems Administrator. Matt originally hails from Montana and brings his passion for MTB with his skills in IT to keep our website and database systems running clean and ensure our members have access to their accounts and info quickly and easily. Reach out to Matt and say hello!




David Fleischhauer, Trails Program Manager.

David has been with us for just a couple of years but has already made himself invaluable to our trails program. Managing complex projects and overseeing client deliverables and work all across the state, David is very deserving of his promotion from Project Manager to Trails Program Manager. Because of David, our projects are running on task, on budget, and on schedule, our clients are happy, and you have new trails to ride! Reach out to David and say congrats!

Bryan Connolly, Brian Tustison & Cody Olsen, Trail Project Managers

This trio of incredible trail builders has been with us for a long time as lead builders for many big (and small) projects. All of them are taking on more responsibility in project development, project management, and client coordination to keep up with our increasing trail project portfolio. But don't worry, they will still be driving excavators and shovels, making sweet trails for you to ride!

Tara Moser, Operations Director.

Tara has been at the center of just about everything happening at Evergreen over her 6-year tenure. Tara has a hand in everything from HR and operations to membership and chapter development to IT and bills and events. We're a complex and diverse little not-for-profit, but because of Tara, we keep it together, going and growing. Tara is responsible for, well, just about everything. Naturally, she is deserving of a promotion to Operations Director. Congratulate Tara here

Kristen McCune, Education Director.

We needed to grow our education program. Kristen said, "No Problem." And in just 2 years, she passionately took our education program to blow it up across multiple chapters and with numerous new offerings. She's made our sport more welcoming to new riders, she's grown our coaches and instructors, and she empowered chapters to start or expand their own education programs. Kristen directs education statewide, and she also leads our DEI initiatives. It's time her title catches up to her weight: please congratulate Kristen on her promotion to Education Director.   

Patrick Walker, Development Director.

Patrick joined us 3 years ago and took on an organizational development hat from day one. Responsible for communications, events, social media, and fundraising, Patrick has not let the demands of his job slow him down. In fact, he's helped to grow our membership from 5,100 to 9,200 in the past three years! He's led all of our fundraising campaigns. And did you know he's mostly doing our graphic design too? Without Patrick's dedication to the sport and Evergreen's ongoing community and financial viability, we wouldn't be where we are today. Patrick's deserving of his promotion of Development Director, and you'll see his team grow this year as he keeps up with the growth and stoke in our community. Congratulate Patrick on his promotion here!    

So yes, we're stoked to grow and serve you better. And we're ecstatic to have such a great team working on trails.

Thanks for making our team's growth possible through your support! 

Evergreen team