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Mountain biking kids are eager for trails. Give the future a lifetime on bikes.

19 | Dec | '17
Bryan Rivard

Your Mountain Biking Gift to Kids is MATCHED Before Midnight Tomorrow! 

You supported an epic 2017 with more riders, more members and more record-setting trail projects. And did you know this year, women outnumbered men in our 2017 skills clinic participation?  

That’s a testament to our growing and diversifying sport—and now you’ve also put us within striking distance of our 2017 fundraising goal with just $49,493 left to raise!

What do your donations do for the next generation of riders? Your support reduces the mountain bike barriers of the past into bumps for the rolling tires of groups like the Sweetlines Junior Racing Team.

Thirteen 8-16-year-old girls—each with her own race name—make up the team.  Directed by pro rider and Head Coach Kat Sweet, a crew of female mentors and professional coaches works to encourage the girls’ love of the outdoors and passion to ride.  

“I met Kat at one of her camps,” says 13-year old ‘A-Nyla-lator’ “After camp my dad asked if I wanted to do a downhill race, and that’s where it all started.”

Support Future Riders Now!

“It’s been really fun to progress them—and to see these little girls not having the same boundaries I had as a little girl,” says Kat

“Getting involved with mountain biking and Evergreen is so important,” she adds “we’re so lucky to have these trails and this community—and it doesn’t happen by itself. We all have to work together to make this happen.

Support from riders like you sets the stage for organizations like Sweetlines, offering new riders opportunities for excitement, fun, and the self-discovery that comes with mountain biking.  

Donate now and double your impact to ensure trail access for young riders across the state and the organizations that empower them.

“It’s really cool to see them pushing outside the boundary of what it means to be a girl.” says Kat “And they’re brave. It’s not like ‘oh, be careful,’ they’re like ‘yeah, let’s go for it—let’s do this.”

Evergreen has just $49,000 left to raise before December 31st. Donate today to start 2018 strong—you can build the next epic trail network for the generations of riders to come!


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