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Minors at the Bike Festival: Yes, guardians can pre-sign waivers!

31 | May | '18
Bryan Rivard

Clearing passes, demos, guided rides, and clinics—they all have one thing in common: they require a waiver!

But what happens if you and your younger rider aren’t showing up together? Do they have to sit and wait for you? Fortunately, no!


When you pre-register now, you can cruise through the line and sign your child’s waiver. So if you’re parking the car, are on another ride, or are hanging out at the food truck—you won’t stop your child from joining any of the activities of the day!

What’s the process?

EMBA DuthieFest Sticker 300pxIt’s simple!

  1. Purchase your clearing passes for the Evergreen MTB festival (if you are a member be sure to login to get member pricing before you purchase) (Not a member? Join and get member pricing (link) and the warm feeling from banking all that trail karma!)
  2. Watch your email! You’ll get a confirmation email after your purchase—this will have a link to SmartWaiver—click it!
  3. Fill out the waiver for you and any minors you’re responsible for.Then submit.
  4. Check for your confirmation email. Once you get it, you’re good to go! We’ll have your information at registration, but if you’d like to bookmark your confirmation emails you certainly can.
  5. Bonus: If you're one of the first 500 pre-registratrants, you'll get a limited-edition 2018 Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival sticker!

You’re all set! Now you and your kiddo can blast right past most of the paperwork and straight into activities!

Please note: This means your child can participate in all Evergreen activities and events—demo fleets from specific companies each have their own waivers or security deposit requirements that we don’t control. If you have questions about a specific brand, we recommend contacting them directly.