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Member Highlights: August 2021

Member Highlights: August 2021

26 | Jul | '21
M. R.

We'd like to introduce you to some of our member All-Stars.

Evergreen is #RiderPowered by thousands of members all across Washington. Every one of our chapters has a number of all-stars who always show up, Give Big, and go the extra mile to build and maintain the great trails we all ride. If it wasn't for the members of Evergreen we'd all still be riding fire roads! Thank you to all of you out there!


Matt Blossom, West Sound

West Sound, Chapter President Jon Philips, selected member Matt Blossom as his standout member. Jon let us know that Matt is not only a dedicated volunteer who answers every call, but he goes above and beyond with an attitude that gets others excited about Evergreen's projects! 

Jon says that Matt is always “ready to jump in and put his skills to work. Long-time Bainbridge resident and multi-year builder at the Peninsula BMX track, Matt has amazing skills-building trails that put a smile on your face and hoots and hollers in the woods. We quickly asked that he join at the chapter level to help manage the Poulsbo Pump Track with more plans for his skills in future projects. Matt has already racked up hundreds of hours of volunteer time to this passion and for our mt bike community."

From that glowing nomination, it’s no surprise that when we reached out to Matt to notify him of his selection, and ask for comment - he sprung into action. Within minutes, he responded and gave us the following interview about what being an Evergreen member means to him.

Why is being a member important to you?

“I think it is important to have a membership with EMBA for a variety of reasons.  From being able to hear and be part of the work parties in the west sound, to our membership dollars being used on trial advocacy, trail construction, maintenance of existing trails, and of course my favorite, the clinics for the young kids”.

What are the biggest benefits (either tangible or intangible) of being a member?

“Knowing that Evergreen is doing whatever they can to create a new, more progressive trail system for everyone to enjoy. Having the progressiveness that other areas enjoy (Bend, Bentonville, Asheville, and even King County) will make riding around the West Sound so much easier for us all, more miles on awesome single track closer to home!!”

 How would you describe the sense of community you've experienced with Evergreen?

“The work parties are more of a gathering of old and new friends. From teaching kids and adults how to build berms, jumps, and every feature in between, to brushing out the dreaded scotch bloom, everyone is always in a great mood and willing to do whatever it takes to complete the project at hand”.

What would you say to someone who is "on the fence" about becoming a member? Why should they join?

“As someone who has been that person a couple of times, I think it is critical that the mountain biking community have a voice at the table. Whether it be in Olympia, Local Government, or out on the trails building or doing maintenance. Evergreen has been that voice time and time again!!! They have used the money from our membership fees to make sure we have and will continue riding some amazing trail”.

Kevin Wise, West Sound

Jon also nominated Kevin, saying "Every now and again you meet someone and don't realize until later, what they are capable of or the impact they will have. Kevin Wise is that guy."

Jon still remembered the day Kevin showed up for a Derailed work party, and he [Kevin] hasn't looked back since. Going on to say that "Kevin is the type that when he hears help is needed, [he] jumps in and gets it done".

Kevin recently oversaw the rebuilding of The Hood (opening this fall) and even took on the role of Ride Park Project Manager (under construction) for West Sound. We can't thank Kevin enough for his 'can-do / will-do attitude as he is one of the main trail gnomes making awesome trails happen on the Peninsula."

Sue Craigmile, East

Evergreen East Board Member Melinda nominated fellow board member and marketing & events guru Sue Craigmile.

Sue has recently taken initiative in a number of ways to grow Evergreen's presence for the East Chapter, and Melinda wanted to make sure that she got the shout-out she deserves! During Covid, all of us struggled to maintain connection during a very distant time. Sue was met with a challenge in connecting with the members, without the ability to host group events. Instead of abandoning efforts, she took initiative in setting up tenting events at Beacon Hill, to have a presence at trails, and show riders the value of Evergreen. She not only organized national trails day work parties, and summer solstice dig day in June, but every week, Sue reported back with the recruitment of new members due to that outreach.

Sue has been instrumental in making people aware of Evergreen's work on the trails in and around Spokane. Melinda had nothing but appreciation to share, saying Sue is outstandingly “Innovative, creative and dedicated to connecting with our community”.

Thank You to all of our All-Stars, and to all of you who help to make Washington the best place to ride!

Member Highlights: August 2021