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May 19th's Cougar Attack

May 19th's Cougar Attack

21 | May | '18
Bryan Rivard

Last weekend held extreme highs and lows for bikers in the Snoqualmie Valley. The opening celebration for the Raging River trail system introduced hundreds of mountain bikers to 17 miles of new riding opportunities. But overshadowing the day was a tragic cougar attack that claimed the life of S. J. Brooks and seriously injured Isaac Sederbaum.

The outpouring of grief and concern over this loss speaks to the personal connections that make up the core of our community.

While eliminating all the risks of recreating outdoors isn’t possible, remember to be as safe as you can; ride with friends; stay alert; carry a first aid kit and cell phone, and consider carrying bear spray in bear and cougar habitat. 

Many enjoy the dynamic nature of outdoor recreation and the spontaneous adventure it brings. But as we continue to utilize Washington’s world-class outdoor spaces, please remember to keep your safety—and that of your family and friends—a top priority. Be safe out there.

Our deepest condolences to the family of S.J. Brooks, and sincerest hope for Isaac Sederbaum's swift recovery.




A community dealing with tragedy.