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Maintenance season is upon us!

15 | Oct | '18
Ian Terry


Autumn is for pumpkin pie, turning leaves and trail maintenance!


After a hot and dry summer of trail riding, it's time to show our region's singletrack some love...



Recent rains and a shift to cooler temperatures have kicked our trail crew into high gear. Now is the time to make serious progress on our many statewide projects!

And while our professional trailbuilders handle massive amounts of work on their own, we need you to join in and help maintain the trails you enjoy year-round.


Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Keep an eye on your local Evergreen chapter's calendar for work parties.
  • During the winter months, throw a folding handsaw in your pack and clear any small downed trees you find.
  • Look for low hanging branches obstructing the trail while riding and cut them with a hand clipper.
  • Organize your coworkers for a day of trailwork! Contact Ian Terry & Cody Olsen for more information.


Cody Trailwork Orcas


Helping maintain your local trails is the perfect way to give back while getting in a workout! Who needs CrossFit when there's plenty of work to be done on the trails?

If you're planning on volunteering time to help maintain a trail, then it's important to send your hours to Evergreen. We rely on volunteer hours to secure grants and build new singletrack!

Before heading out on a ride, print out an Evergreen Volunteer Sign-In Sheet to log your and your friend's hours. Once you've completely and thoroughly filled out the sheet, send a picture of it to Evergreen's Ian Terry.

Thanks and here's to a season of trailwork ahead!


Group Trailwork Orcas