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GiveBIG Project Summaries 2024

GiveBIG Project Summaries 2024

23 | Apr | '24
Vivika Stamolis

It's time for you to GIVE BIG so we can DIG BIG! Over the years, our GiveBig donors have built 100's of miles of new trails. Can we count on you to donate to GiveBig this year to make sure these projects happen?

We are busy building and refreshing trails all over the State funded by grants, contracts, and direct donations. But there is more work to do that requires additional funding.

Your GiveBig donations will fill in the gaps, and ensure these trails are built the best they can be by our professional builders -- making Washington the best place to ride.

Every dollar donated to our GiveBig campaign from April 23rd through May 8th, 2024 goes directly toward these mountain bike trails across the state.

All you need to do is chip in, and encourage your family and friends to do the same, talk to your employer about matching; so we can significantly improve, rebuild, and add to your favorite trails.

Our goal this year is to raise $145,000 by May 8th for the following trail projects planned across the State.


2024 GiveBig Funded Projects

Raging River Trail E: 

This funding is for construction of a new descent trail at Raging River, over 1.1 miles, which will be an alternative to the heavily trafficked Poppin Tops and Flow State – a tech trail with some flow sections plus optional jumps and progression features. The Cascades to Sound Chapter will be doing significant fundraising for construction of this new trail, and GiveBIG funds will start us off strong. Construction could start in late 2024, and will take 1-2 years, depending on funding. If we don’t get your donations, it won’t happen! Help us make this the best it can be so we can expand your ride options in the popular I-90 corridor.


pc vivika stamolis duthie ghy build 03 copy   pc vivika stamolis duthie ghy build 12

Duthie Hill Refresh:

Our crew has been hard at work on the first major refresh at Duthie since construction more than a decade ago. We’ve already completed the Voodoo Child rebuild, built a new blue jump line, made Bootcamp usable for aMTB riders, and a full rebuild of the double-black GHY Jump Line led by an all-women crew of builders and riders. We’re making history here with your support! Plus, we are continuously improving the pump tracks for all ages and abilities to enjoy. Additional funding will help complete this much-needed refresh on your favorite Duthie Hill trails including a full rebuild of the Dual Slalom, a new wooden structure on Deep Water Horizon, and more! Duthie is arguably our top ride park in the State so we put a lot of work into maintaining and rebuilding trails.  


Number 2 Canyon:

This funding will help us build out the multi-year effort now moving into the 4th Phase of the Number 2 Canyon project, adding 6 more miles to this popular new trail system we’ve added to the Wenatchee area in recent years. This phase includes 1 new descent trail, 1 new bi-directional “tech” trail, and a Skills Park for MTB skill progression from beginner to advanced with jump lines and more. Plus, a new parking lot at 4-corners that includes new picnic tables, 18 additional spaces along with ADA and trailer-pull-through spaces, and a vault toilet. Thanks to GiveBIG donor funding in the past several years, Evergreen has been able to add these 30 miles of trail to Number 2 Canyon so far, making it a major MTB destination in Central Washington.

north summit loup loup construction blue descent 05

North Summit / Loup Loup Construction:

GiveBig funding will go directly to trail construction at Loup Loup/North summit area with the goal of building up to 30 miles of trails. This year’s trail development will include a 3 mile cross country trail fun for folks of all ages and abilities. A 2.1 mile climbing trail will also be built giving easier access to a sweet, ready-to-ride 1.5 miles spicey blue descending trail. This is an exciting addition to the Methow Chapter that we expect to become a major MTB destination, if we get the necessary funding! 



Beacon Hill Maintenance:

With these funds we plan to rebuild and refresh some of the most popular trails at Beacon Hill including jump lines and flow trails needing extra maintenance. This zone has historically been majority volunteer-maintained, and we plan to support a larger team of professional builders to take it to the next level on a variety of trails for riders of all abilities. Funding will allow us to expand on features and progression trails, contributing towards Spokane’s growing demand for high-quality MTB trails.


viv april2024 47

Port Gamble Ride Park:

The West Sound Chapter has been hard at work maintaining the Port Gamble Ride Park and Ranger trails, as we’ve seen a huge increase in ridership over the past year. The new Ride Park trails opened in 2023 thanks to your funding, and we need your donations so our professional builders can spend the necessary time refreshing and rebuilding features to keep them top-notch! Our crew does regular trail evaluations and will be making improvements throughout the Ride Park. Funding Port Gamble will ensure significant maintenance on the jump lines we know and love, from beginner trails to pro lines

soupcreek soupcreek

Soup Creek:

These funds will help support the sanctioning, signage, and maintenance of the Soup Creek trail to make it an official MTB trail on the Naches Valley Ranger District. With growing demand for trails in the Cowlitz-Naches Chapter, Soup Creek will make for an easily accessible and well-maintained trail to get to right off of Highway 12. This is a fun 3-mile beginner-intermediate trail for riders of all ages. It will be the first trail in the District that is purpose built for downhill mountain biking and help set the stage for future trails.

Trail Builder Support:

There are several big needs for our incredible trail crew - new tools, additional training opportunities, and essential gear. They are the muscle behind your favorite trails, putting in the work 365 days a year to make Washington the best place to ride. These things aren’t always easily expensed, so let’s pull together additional funds to help them out and keep them going strong through the many projects they are working on this year!

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It's time for you to GIVE BIG so we can DIG BIG! Over the years, our GiveBig donors have built 100's of miles of new trails. Can we count on you to donate to GiveBig this year to make sure these projects happen?