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Get grips. Get trails. Get after it.

18 | Sep | '18
Ian Terry


We're expanding membership. With minimal eye-poking.

The 2018 #EvergreenBranchOut campaign is flying by—and you’ve increased our support by introducing new members!



Many new memberships started with referrals from members like you who asked a friend to join you—thank you! Haven’t had a chance to join, renew, or refer a friend? We’re in the last hours of our membership drive, so now’s the perfect time. Will you join in?

At the $60 level you’ll earn a pair of anodized Evergreen grips! Want to give at the $500 level? Then Team Epic Gloves are heading your way too.


Since September 4th, 391 members have joined or renewed. That’s truly amazing.


Now help us get to the finish line and end today strong. We’re so stoked for this major milestone, and as staff, we can’t wait to inform our Board of your campaign support.


#GetAGrip: The Final Push


There’s no time to wait--join and launch us past the 5,000 member mark.


Remind friends that membership dollars support the trails they ride—and they’ll get a set of anodized Evergreen grips at the $60 level (of Hand up riding gloves at the $500 level). 

And every Washington rider gets better trail when you join at any level.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. We took some risks with self-funding so many projects this year—and with your backing, it’s paying off with so many new projects.

Together we make an impact and ensure there are more trails for the future.

That’s the power of your membership. More members, more trail, more fun.

We'll see you on the trail!